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The Beatles at the Brockman Hall

Thanks to the research by Gerry Murphy, a Beatles historian and graduate of Liverpool Hope University’s Popular Music and Society it can be confirmed that the Beatles played at the Brockman Hall Tuebrook a dozen times in 1961.  He also maintains that Brian Epstein discovered them at the Brockman Hall and not at the Cavern as has always been believed. Epstein was identified by several members of the audience who recognised him from Nems music store.

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 Paul and George at the Brockman Hall

The bookings were made by Mona Best, mother of Pete, who decided to follow the lead of other bands who were widening their profile by playing in local Halls. Their first appearance was on 17th February when the band played with Gene Day and the Jango Beats. The audience was 200 strong, drawing teenagers from all over Tuebrook, Stoneycroft and Old Swan.  The cost of entry for fans was 3s 6d and doors opened at 8.15 pm.  The Beatles were paid £20.00. They played again in March on three occasions and four times in July.  Their final appearance was on August 31st.

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The Beatles and fans at the Brockman Hall, 1961.
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